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Treasure Hunt

Fiesta Of Five Flags Treasure Hunt Official Rules


The WEAR & West Florida Medical Group DeLuna Treasure Hunt, part of the 65th annual Fiesta of Five Flags citywide celebration, begins on Friday, April 11, 2014. Don Tristan DeLuna, his original expedition unsuccessful, departed Pensacola leaving behind his treasure, hidden these many years. During the 65th Fiesta of Five Flags celebration, he has returned and is offering clues to the treasure's location. Sponsors are WEAR ABC 3, WFGX My 35,West Florida Medical Group, and Jewelers Trade Shop.




1. For the purposes of the hunt, the Treasure Coin is represented by a word appearing at the

location indicated by the Treasure Chest. The actual Treasure Coin has not been hidden.


2. The Treasure Clues lead to the Treasure Keys, not to the Treasure Coin (word). The Treasure Coin cannot be found without first solving the Treasure Clues and then using the Treasure Keys to unlock the secret of the Treasure Chest. The information in the Treasure Chest reveals the exact location of the Treasure Coin (word).


3. The first clue will be announced on Friday,April 11, 2014. Treasure clues will be announced Monday, Wednesday and Friday on WEAR ABC 3 on the 5:00 p.m. news and repeated on local radio stations. You may find clues online at and If the Treasure Coin (word) is not found after the announcement of the final clue,then three bonus clues leading directly to the Treasure Coin will be announced on the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on WEAR ABC 3.


4. If you believe you have found theTreasure Coin (word), please call 850-433-5252 and leave a message. The messagemust include your name, telephone number, nine correct Treasure Keys, thecorrect Treasure Chest and the correct Treasure Coin. If your message is thefirst time-stamped message with all of the correct answers, you will be calledfor verification. You must then bring your official WEAR & West FloridaMedical Group DeLuna Treasure Map to the Fiesta office. Upon verification, theGrand Prize will be awarded.


To qualify for the Grand Prize, you must accurately complete nine of the nine Treasure Keys, theTreasure Chest and the Treasure Coin. The eighth Treasure Clue must be  announced before qualification will be possible. Do not call until the eighth clue has been announced.


5. To qualify for the Second and Third Prize drawing, you must accurately complete nine of the nine Treasure Keys, the Treasure Chest and the Treasure Coin. To qualify for the Bonus Prize drawings,you must accurately complete at least six of the nine Treasure Keys. You must mail your official Fiesta Treasure Map with your first, middle and last name(no initials), address and telephone number to the Fiesta office, Pensacola, FL32502. At a later date, The Doubloon newsletter with the solutions will be mailed to those submitting maps.


All entries must be postmarked on or before Tuesday, May27, 2014. All entries must be legible. Only official Fiesta Treasure Maps or web generated Fiesta Treasure Maps may be submitted. Only one postmarked entryper person will be accepted. No hand deliveries allowed. Entrants do not have to be present in order to win.

6. Please do not call the Fiesta office with questions regarding the clues or treasure. No one in the office knows who wrote the clues or the location of the Treasure Coin (word). As with any good treasure hunt, the WEAR & West Florida Medical Group DeLuna Treasure Hunt is sometimes tricky. Rely on your Treasure Map, Treasure Clues,Treasure Keys, Treasure Chest and your own research.


7. When searching for clues, please be mindful and respectful of the hours of operations at all locations.


Grand Prize

This years total prize package is worth more than $3,950.A fantastic Grand Prize valued at $2,700 includes $1,500 in cash and a Jewelers Trade custom designed necklace with a Spanish Reale valued at $1,200. The winner will be announced at the Pensacola Crawfish Festival on Saturday, May 3at Bartram Park in downtown Pensacola. Second Prize is $500 cash. Third Prize is $250 cash. There will also be five Bonus Prizes of $100cash each. Winners of the second, third and bonus prizes will be notified by the Fiesta of Five Flags office following the drawing.


Prizes are non-transferable and are subject to change without notice. Upon verification as the winner, the Grand Prize winner(s)becomes ineligible for the Second Prize, Third Prize and Bonus Prizes.



The 2014 WEAR & West Florida Medical Group DeLuna Treasure Hunt is composed of four parts: the Treasure Clues, the Treasure Keys,the Treasure Chest and the Treasure Coin. The following instructions will guide you during the Treasure Hunt.



1. Solve the Treasure Clue. Hint: the Treasure Clues are based on Pensacola area history. You must research the clues to understand their meaning.


2. Find the Treasure Key indicated by the Treasure Clue.Hint: a Treasure Key is a specific written item that appears at the location indicated by the Treasure Clue or is a written item specifically pointed out in some other way by the Clue. The Treasure Key will become clear once you have accurately solved the Treasure Clue.


3. Fill in the Treasure Key blanks on the Treasure Map with the appropriate Treasure Key. Hint: the number of spaces will help you fill in the Treasure Key blanks.


4. Using corresponding numbers as a guide, fill in theTreasure Chest blank from the Treasure Keys.


5. Use the information in the Treasure Chest to locate the Treasure Coin (word). Hint: the

Treasure Coin is a specific word appearing at the location indicated by the Treasure Chest. The location of the Treasure Coin will become clear when you have completely filled the Treasure Chest blank.


6. Fill in the Treasure Coin blank with the Treasure Coin(word). Hint: the number of spaces provided will help you fill in the Treasure Coin blank.

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