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74-year-old making a difference for Council On Aging with go-to attitude

74-year-old making a difference for Council On Aging with go-to attitude

She's a woman on a mission and she's got no time for aches and pains.

Carol Spring, 74, forges through her own discomfort because she's got to make life a little better for others.

"I'll be starting 13 years next month and I just enjoy people, you know," Carol said. "And I just enjoy trying to help people."

Carol spends her time helping as a Senior Dining Site Manager for the Council On Aging. Her latest assignment is at the new Westwood Homes congregate meal location.

It's a place for a much-needed getaway for the clients; many of whom have health issues. Five days a week she's on the job despite mobility and breathing challenges of her own.

"A lot of mornings I get up, sometimes I don't feel that well," Carol said. "I say, 'Well, I got to go to work.' But, you know what, when I get here I feel better."

"It's a blessing for my wife and I because of my disability. I'm out of work right now and that brings in extra food for us," said Council On Aging Senior Diner James Hicks.

Carol plays host to some 40-plus seniors, along with an occasional visitor or two, who depend on her being here. She knows how important these daily outings are to her friends.

"This gives them an opportunity to get out and be with other people; socialize and talk to other people. Enjoy a hot, nutritional meal, too," Carol said.

Aside from the daily meal, she has things going on all the time. Maybe it's keeping a mind sharp working a puzzle, discussing current events, playing bingo, doing chair exercises and singing.

"She makes sure people know each other. She does it all," said Council On Aging Senior Diner Marilyn Jerauld. "She's really a do-it-all woman."

Carol is moving and turning from the time she hits the door. She's making sure that these few hours every day make a difference and improve the quality of life for others.

"Let me tell you something about her. She is a fabulous hard worker," Hicks said. "You know, I have never seen somebody work so hard."

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