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98 and still living a life of service

98 and still living a life of service

She never meets a stranger and always remembers names, dates and places. It's because she genuinely cares about the people she meets.

Not surprisingly, we found this angel at a place called the Haven of Our Lady of Peace.

Margarette Berrisford, Miss Margarette, at 98, has lived a life of service.

"I've been in Pensacola since 1944," she said.

She taught at Blount Junior High and was also one of the early staff members at Pensacola Junior College.

"I was the 13th person on the faculty in the summer of '53 when it was the old boarding house that is now Days Inn," Miss Margarette explained.

Miss Margarette also served on many volunteer boards. She is a staple in the halls of the Haven of Our Lady of Peace nursing home.

She began volunteering here 40 or so years ago. She became a resident herself in 2001, but she asked to keep her volunteer duties.

"Deliver the mail, deliver flowers to room," Miss Margarette said. "Help clean up after all the decorations have been put up for the holidays."

She's also the welcome committee; helping new residents feel at home. From molding lives in the classroom to serving in the community; Miss Margarette seems to know everybody and everybody knows, and loves, Miss Margarette.

Students from decades ago ask her to lunch.

"And I said, 'Well, you kids were always talking about Jerry's. I've never been to Jerry's.' So, one of my seventh graders, a grown middle aged lady, and I had lunch at Jerry's," she said.

That's the kind of connection Miss Margarette makes with people; genuine and embedded from her life as an only child.

"Maybe I was always looking for brothers and sisters that I didn't have," Miss Margarette explained.

I'd venture to say she found quite a few.

Angels In Our Midst is sponsored by the Studer Family Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.

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