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Local nurse finds her own healing

Local nurse finds her own healing

Keva McCorvey is a nurse who found herself on the other side of the caregiver role. It was in a special place that she found help with recovery; not just for her body, but for her soul. Now she's giving back.

"A healing place. I would sit on that bench there sometimes for hours," Keva said.

This healing place is the Demonstration Garden at the Escambia County Extension Office. It was cruel circumstances of life that brought Keva here. She was recovering from colon and breast cancer.

"My husband didn't want to leave me alone. So, he got my best friend Pat to bring me to master gardener with her," she said.

Then one day, someone figured she'd been sitting a bit too long.

"One of the master gardeners says, 'Girl, don't just sit there. You need to start pulling some weeds,'" she said

Miss Keva got up from that bench, became a master gardener herself, and no grass has grown under her feet since then. In fact, she's taken on two big commitments with the master gardeners program.

Nearest to her heart are her interns from the Escambia Westgate School for students with special needs.

From the classroom lessons to down and dirty in the soil to just enjoying the wonders of nature.

Keva's sharing more than gardening. She's sharing a new lease on life. She gets such pride out of hearing her interns say the very words she told herself that moved her from that bench.

"'Miss Keva, I can do that; I'm capable.' Young man actually said the word, 'I'm capable, I can do this,'" she said.

Beth Bolles is the Horticulture Agent for the University of Florida Extension Escambia County, "This was the perfect fit to work with our Westgate interns and really bring them out and offer them opportunities to really work on those skills that are going to make them have impacts in our community in a positive way."

This master gardener also volunteers with new Habitat for Humanity homeowners; teaching them how to start and maintain their lawn and garden. Now, the only time she has to spend on the bench is just to rest for a very little while and count her blessings.

"They gave me a purpose. And this saved me," she said.

Angels In Our Midst is sponsored by Nemours Children's Specialty Care.

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