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Navy vet rescues homeless sisters with new mission

Navy vet rescues homeless sisters with new mission

Some of her comrades have literally fallen by the wayside. Now a former Navy woman is going to the rescue of her sisters; an Angel In Our Midst. This is Nancy's mission.

Nancy Bullock-Prevot is the founder and CEO of the HER Foundation.

"HER stands for to 'honor, empower and rebuild' our sisters in arms," Nancy explained.

This is the latest mission for Nancy; a 21-year Navy veteran and a retired cryptologist. She's in the process of turning a building into a residence for homeless female veterans.

It was gifted to the foundation by an anonymous donor; a man of faith, who believed in Nancy and her cause.

"We just want to be a place where a female veteran who is homeless can come and feel loved, protected and have a place to sleep," Nancy said.

Nancy has carefully assembled a small army of compassionate troops; she calls them, 'ambassadors,' who share her vision and her heart.

Her oath of duty still weighs heavily and Nancy can't leave her comrades behind.

"Just found themselves down on their luck because life happens," Nancy said. "We all can be a paycheck away from being homeless. Making one bad decision."

Jebbye Lemons recently retired after 23 years in the Navy. She came on board as vice president of the foundation with a similar sense of duty to country and her community.

"The Armed Forces gave me so much; this is my way of giving back," Jebbye said. "You know, they gave me a life; I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful kids. You know, I think they built the Jebbye Lemons that I am today."

The women will be able to stay at the home for up to a year. The HER Foundation believes it takes that time to help the veterans regain themselves; to overcome those 'life' things that happen and any service related traumas.

Dr. Sandra Winborne is one of the ambassadors and a volunteer life coach.

"To come into the point where not only are they feeling better emotionally, but also psychologically, physically; and, of course, that they have love for themselves," Dr. Winborne said.

The residence will accommodate 10 women. Renovations are getting underway.

The foundation could use the help of skilled laborers; electricians, carpenters; volunteer mentors and job coaches. They welcome any donations to help turn this house into a home.

Nancy easily describes the journey so far, "This is God. We're walking in God's grace."

Angels In Our Midst is sponsored by the Studer Family Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.

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