Christina's Baby Journey: Childbirth classes

Christina's Baby Journey: Childbirth classes

(WEAR) - It's back to school for our expectant parents, Christina and Milan. The couple knew they wanted to take childbirth classes early on in Christina's pregnancy. Christina hopes classes will calm her mommy-to-be fears.

"It's been good for me cause I'm a little bit of a worrier and I'm nervous," she said. High Risk Registered Nurse Donna Wisdom said a prepared expectant mom is a calmer mom. "You're gonna deliver the baby one way or another. It's gonna happen, but if you're educated you know whats gonna happen. You can anticipate some of the things that are around the corner," Wisdom explained.

Wisdom has been working in maternal, child and women's health for more than thirty years. She leads small, interactice classes at Sacred Heart Hospital to help expectant parents prepare for delivery. "It's a frightening experience. When you get in it and don't know what's gonna happen, " Wisdom shared. Wisdom said a calm, active birthing partner is key. Christina has that covered. "Dads are coming and dads are very serious. They train the dads, 'You are the coach and Milan has taken this very seriously. He is all into it," Christina said.

Wisdom said Christina needs to focus on two things; "Don't fight the contractions. Go with the contractions. The pressure is there. You can do anything for a minute. Just hang in there for a minute. And relax. That's the biggest word. It's easy to say and it's one hard thing to do. But if you can relax and participate and not fight the labor, it makes things a whole lot easier," Wisdom advised.

With four birthing classes under her belt, Christina is feeling a lot more prepared for the entire process. She and Milan also plan to take an infant care series and the breast feeding courses. She said, "I've not been around many babies in my life, so if they could teach me how to change a diaper, the basics and with the breast feeding as well, I'll think that they'll be great."

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