Christina's Baby Journey

Christina's Baby Journey

(WEAR) - Expectant parents often get "sticker shock" when it's time to register for needed nursery items. Many turn to second sale websites and consignment shops to stock up on baby gear. That's just what our Christina Leavenworth and her husband Milan are doing as they prepare for their new little one.

Melinda McCreless owns "Little Angel's Boutique Shop" in Milton. "I was a stay at home mom and I just enjoyed consignment shopping and this opportunity became available and I took it and fifteen years later, here I am," she said.

Christina said she's up for any kind of bargain, new or used. "I have brought used items before at garage sales and I've been to some consignment shops. I've always been open to buying things that are used. I love getting a good deal," she smiled. Melinda guides through Christina through some of the baby items "must haves" as she is looking to buy specific things second hand. Among them, a "Bumbo" infant chair and crib bedding. "Bedding is another thing. If we can find cute bedding on there, that can get expensive. It can be more than a hundred dollars and that's more than the bedding on my bed costs," she explained.

Melinda carries plenty of consignment bedding, but she does not consign cribs. "The safety regulations have changed so much on those that we just don't carry those anymore," she said. Melinda also cautions against buying used car seats. Every car seat has an expiration date. It's usually embossed into the plastic or stated on a sticker. She cautioned, "Always check the date. Many people think they're in excellent condition and you look at the date. It might have expired in 2010, 2011, and you do not use those."

Baby equipment like little bouncy seats, infant bathtubs and carriers often don't get used for very long and great deals abound on those items. If you're looking to clean your closets this summer, many brand name toys have high resale value. "American girl, Barbie is still strong for the little girls, doll toys, doll accessories, doll furniture," Melinda listed. Any thing Disney related, especially princess toys or clothes, never go out of demand.

Melinda said fancy "coming home from the hospital" outfits, smocked dressed and even nursing products are a steal at resale prices.

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