Christina's Baby Journey


(WEAR) - For new parents, working on getting the nursery ready is all about getting organized.

Vanessa Millsap is a professional organizer with Busy Bee Organized.

She met with Christina Leavenworth to help get on track about a month before her due date.

"I get excited when i see a mess. A place that you call a mess to me, I like this. I just start getting ideas in my head and get excited," says Millsap.

For Christina, she suggested things like using a shoe hanger for baby items, and arranging furniture to make more space in the room.

She also shared tips on making room for baby in the closet.

"Baby clothes are small, so something you can do to create a lot of space is a double bar in the closet," said Millsap.

As for the kitchen, she says keep baby items in a pantry that makes them easy to put away immediately.

It's a theme she said is important all around. "Everything has a home, and you know where everything is. It makes it a lot easier to find things. You're not repurchasing things that you cannot find."

Vanessa's other mantra is "make movement count."

"If you're going out to the garage, and you see a toy laying that belongs in the garage, bring it with you so you're being motion minded when you're moving about your house", said Millsap.

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