Christina's Baby Journey: 4-D Prenatal Imaging

Christina's Baby Journey: 4-D Prenatal Imaging

Our Christina has been a little worried lately. "I actually texted them last week, freaking out, 'I'm not feeling the baby,' I called my doctor," she shared. Thankfully, everything is fine so far with Christina's pregnancy. She can't feel the baby moving a lot because she has an "anterior placenta."

"My placenta is in the front of my belly so that means there is that big barrier there so I don't feel as sensitively as other people do," Christina said.

Shonda Hemby and her business partner, Becky Ford-Schwalier own "Sho Me 4-D Prenatal Imaging of Pensacola. They invited Christina to come in and watch her baby on ultrasound to help the expectant mom feel a little more calm as she enters her seventh month of pregnancy. "We can't discuss diagnostic things with mom, but you can show mom, 'Oh look at the sweet little hands, look at the sweet little feet. Look, baby's moving the whole time mom."

Seeing her baby on the sonogram settles Christina's heart and mind. "It's nice to see that the baby is moving and that the baby has a bit of a personality cause I don't feel that as much through the womb."

Hemby and Ford-Schwalier met in ultrasound school and interned together. After graduation, they missed working with expectant mothers, they decided that instead of pursuing traditional sonogram tech paths, they would go in a different direction. They opened a studio where expectant families can get safe, but longer and more frequent ultrasounds. Hemby said, "The market is really saturated in this area, so we just decided we're gonna make our own careers here. Took about a year of blood, sweat and tears."

Christina's mother, Jan Leavenworth was thrilled to "see" her grandbaby for the first time. "It's just a blessing and a blessing I can share this with my daughter too, and that she allowed me to be a part of this," Leavenworth smiled. Christina said it's wonderful to be living in the same town as her parents, "It's special, really cool. I've traveled a lot in this industry, so I've lived in other areas so I know it's special for her and neat for her to have that connection."

Jan has no doubt how Christina will be as a mother. She predicts her daughter will be over-protective and very caring. She can't wait to watch and help. "I am very proud of her and Milan. Couldn't ask for anything better."

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