Christina's Baby Journey: Meet Channel 3's newest family member

Photo Courtesy: Natalie Zepp Photography

Our Channel Three News family is a little larger today. Three In the Morning co-anchor Christina Leavenworth and her husband welcomed an eight pound baby girl Wednesday night.

McKenna Claire was born at Sacred Heart Hospital at almost 41 weeks gestation. She arrived after a challenging and painful 12 hour labor.

"I got a fever that ended up going to about 103, so then that made the baby's heart rate spike. Her heart rate hovered between 190 to 200 for a couple of hours, but the doctor was so great, he was on top of it, the nurses are amazing", Christina smiled.

Early on during her pregnancy, Milan and Christina decided not to find out the baby's gender.

"I was so glad I waited. It was so special finding out," grinned Christina. The couple didn't have a name picked out, but they always knew a girl would be christened "McKenna Claire". Christina explained, "My Grampa died earlier this year and his last name was McKenna, and my Grama died two years ago and her name was Claire. So I was able to use two family names which I really wanted to do."

Christina's co-anchors, Jared and Christian, are both seasoned dads. She said their support, along with the entire morning crew, has been invaluable.

"They didn't talk about not sleeping at night, or crying babies. Both were incredibly positive," she said. Christina is especially looking forward to getting advice from Christian on how to raise a daughter.

"Christian, if my little girl is anything like your little girls, I'll be very, very blessed," she said. Christina knows they already are.

McKenna is nursing well, sleeping a lot and is surrounded by family who are already in love.

"When my dad walked in the room, he was 'All right, we have to pray as a family, let's go.' And we are excited about sharing our faith with her," she smiled.

[Photo credit: Natalie Zapp Maternity Photography]

Twenty-four hours after a painful and scary labor, a Bible verse plays out. John 16:21 states "When she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy." Christina totally understands.

"This little angel comes out and you're like, 'That wasn't too bad.' I forgot about all that pain, it was totally worth it."

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