Christina's Baby Journey: Capture the moment with maternity portraits

Christina's Baby Journey: Capture the moment with maternity portraits

Professional maternity pictures have been around for a while. Many women, especially first time expectant mothers, schedule “baby bump” photo sessions. But Pensacola artist Loren Miller is going beyond that.

Miller is a professional portrait artist. Before he even finished his art training in college, he had local mothers asking him to paint maternity portraits.

“There is a lot of beautiful things going on, that’s speaking not only to the mother, but the idea of motherhood,” Miller explained.

Word of Miller’s niche artwork spread and he was soon busy painting “moms-to-be”. He said he knew maternity photography was already quite common. Miller said that for his paintings to work, he needed to go “beyond the lense.”

“What can I do that you can’t capture in a photo?”, he expanded.

Miller has a pre-session consultation with each subject during which he studies how they sit, hold their hands and finds out what they want portrayed. Miller said it’s important to him to capture the mom’s character and vision. He explained it’s best when he can collaborate with her and the family.

“I try to create something with somebody, so it’s not just me creating something for somebody, it’s kinda with them,” he smiled.

Taylor Bryan has had two maternity portraits done by Miller. The two went to school together and grew up in Jay.

“He was just known you know as being an amazing artist, even at a young age,” Bryan said.

Her first painting features her in a long gown, reclined on a sofa.

“The way he captured the way that you look, I mean, it’s amazing,” she said.

Her second pregnancy was with her twins, that painting is in a very different style. She loves both pieces and said they’re hung in the nursery for now.

“It’s a timeless piece, so it’s kinda like a legacy I guess in a way, that you’re leaving your children. Hopefully, they’ll continue to do it with their children,” she mused.

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