Waterfront Rescue Mission - Holiday Volunteers

Photo Credit: Waterfront Rescue Mission

Thank You for a Great Thanksgiving, Gulf Coast! On to Christmas!

Every year Waterfront Rescue Mission in both Pensacola and Mobile seeks to bless hundreds of needy people with a Thanksgiving Banquet. Thanks to you, the word got spread far and wide and we served over 1,200 meals! This was beyond our expectations, and wouldn’t have been possible without our 175 volunteers that joined us to help serve. This Thanksgiving, we expected to serve about a thousand meals, which covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all delivered meals, and both Pensacola and Mobile Campuses. Exceeding that was a blessing for the needy, to be sure!

But now Waterfront needs to look forward to Christmas as we continue to work to help the homeless on the Gulf Coast. Our Holiday Volunteer line will go active on December 1st, landing pages for Holiday Volunteering/donating will simultaneously go up on, and as is the case every year, we need to get the word out now because the volunteer spots fill up quickly. We also need donations of hams, green beans, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, and stuffing/dressing. Hams are the biggest need, though! And, as with the volunteers, we need to get the word out early because food preparation begins weeks before the meal takes place.

Urge your listeners/viewers/readers to help Waterfront Rescue Mission in serving this Christmas. It’s a huge undertaking and we can’t do it without the hearts and hands of the community. Please call or email me to talk about how people can help, my contact info is at the top and below, so I’ve made it easy to find. Thank you!