After years of abuse, foster child says she wants family that will love her

She's a girl whose nightmares are real and they sometimes come in the daytime. They have left her afraid and alone, and for far too long - Bella has been Nobody's Child.

Behind this beautiful smile is the soul of a survivor. Bella is 13 years old.

After years of unspeakable abuses she was taken into foster care almost seven years ago.

"I've been in 43 foster homes. The old me from back then that has kind of ruined most of the foster homes and has moved a lot, didn't want to listen and understand and get help," Bella explained.

The "new me" is the Bella who's making A's and B's; the Bella who loves shopping, doing her nails, singing; she has a beautiful voice.

"I like to read, but the main thing I like to do is listen to music," Bella said. "I'm going to try out for softball whenever it comes up and I'm hoping that I get in. But, if I don't, I'll be OK with it 'cause I can just try at something else."

Through the years of constant transition Bella has steeled herself against not getting in, not being accepted, moving on. She hopes to give purpose to her emotional scars by becoming a case worker and being there for others in foster care.

"I don't like for any children to feel like, even me, I don't like feeling like I don't have anyone," she said.

Finally, she's able to open her heart to the possibility of belonging. Bella wants a family who would just be there for her as she continues to overcome the pains of her past.

" I get flashbacks and whenever that does happen, I start tearing up, you know, and that's the way I go through it; by crying and stuff," Bella said. "But, at the end of all of it, I know I'm in a safe place and that I have people that love me and will always love me."

Bella said that's all she wants is for people to love her.

Contact Families First Network if you can help Bella or call 1-866-313-9874.

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