Brothers placed in foster care share desire for love and security

Can you imagine being a child and all you want is a place where no one will hurt you? That's the life right now for two brothers. T and Tony; they're Nobody's Child.

This is T'Antonio or "T", as he prefers. He's nine years old; a first time bowler working on his own technique. He's pretty excited that his ball has some pins in sight. "I'm gonna make it. Yea!"

His 7-year-old little brother, Tony, is his mini-me. He's usually always somewhere close by following in his big brother's footsteps.

"T" is an honor roll student who likes all subjects. Tony has some struggles in school but he's always trying his hardest. The brothers really enjoy music and both play the keyboard.

A sad bond that the boys share is one of fear. They're afraid that some bad person is going to hurt them and they need reassurance that they are safe. The brothers have been in foster care for about five years; most of their lives. T and Tony want a home and family of their own but the thought of moving again has them uneasy so they just want to have fun today and not talk about any of that. Still, they need a forever home and a patient adoptive family to give them security and love in a world that, for them, has been a scary place.

Contact the Families First Network or call 1-866-313-9874 if you can help.

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