Child wants new family to love, protect him

Right now hundreds of children across Florida are waiting anxiously for adoptive families.

They're typically older children, they're sibling groups and they may have physical or mental disabilities.

Ten-year-old Ayden's life has been like a plot from his favorite Minecraft game. He was taken into foster care six years ago after repeated abuse at the hands of the person who was supposed to love and protect him.

“Arrested her for two years,” Ayden said. “When she came back, she started abusing me even more.”

He's carried those scars all these years while he's struggled to find an adoptive family who would help him erase that hurt. In the meantime, there have been a series of seemingly endless foster care placements.

Ayden does well in school. He's the best reader in his class and math is no challenge for him.

“I know how to do division too,” Ayden said.

He's very artistic and can draw, color and construct for days.

Ayden thinks he might want to be a pastry chef. He's already trying his hand at it.

“I can make a sweet potato pie. Well, that was kind of hard,” Ayden explained. “I accidentally kind of burned it the last time.”

Typical boy, he loves his video games; Mario and especially Minecraft. He said he's really good at that one because he's focused.

Another thing Ayden is focused on is finding a family. They will need to be firm, consistent and patient. He wants this family badly.

“One thing first, they wouldn't abuse me,” he said. “And another thing, I just want a dad.

Contact Families First Network if you can help Ayden or call 1-866-313-9874.

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