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73-year-old, 6-time cancer survivor mows neighbors' yards

73-year-old, 6-time cancer survivor mows neighbor's yards

This week, we "Pay It Forward" to a Myrtle Grove woman that mows her neighbors grass everyday and takes out their trash cans.

Just about every day, Gloria Mitchem is out mowing the grass. The surprising part is it isn't her own yard. The 73-year-old mows her neighbors' grass each day. She said, "It's just something I can do for other people. I just enjoy helping other people, I always do my yard last."

She does this for 10-12 properties and doesn't ask for a thing. If the grass grows more than a half an inch, it's simply too long and she's back out there trimming it up.

"It's God's beautiful earth and we make it more beautiful. He gives me the strength, energy and desire.

Gloria pushes that lawnmower with strength. The same strength she had when she fought cancer 6 times.

"Just a desire to not let the devil get me down. I'm going to kick his butt and keep going."

She doesn't stop at the grass. She also takes out their garbage each week. That's why her neighbor, Buck Phillips wanted to "Pay it Forward". So we all got in on the surprise.

There was a look of pure shock on her face when she realized she's getting $500 from Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.

Miles Bentley with Hill-Kelly said, "I understand you are one of the best neighbors around so on behalf of Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, I would like to give this money to Mr. Phillips to pay forward."

The money comes at a perfect time. She now has the money to buy Christmas presents for children in need. She said, "I thank God that's who I thank. "

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