Friend 'pays it forward' to woman who helps families bond

Friend 'pays it forward' to woman who helps families bond

The bond between a father and daughter is undeniable. Many girls don't get that opportunity. That's why WEAR along with Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is "Paying it Forward" to a Pensacola woman is trying to make sure every little girl gets to dance with her father. Christina Leavenworth has their story.

We all remember our first dance. It's a time you never forget.. Kimberly Cox is now taking that special experience and using it as a way to bring father's and daughter's together. She said, "Little girls cling. Dad is our protector, provider, our shelter...we go to them when we are hurting. If that daddy shows that little girl what a protector should look like, when its time for her to start dating, she knows what the man should bring to the table."

That's why she started the Pensacola Father Daughter dance. It has grown in the past 5 years. Now more than 300 people attend. The girls range in age, they are anywhere from infants to young adults. Cox said, "Every year I have a different story of how a dad and daughter are bonding. How that daddy didn't realize that I need to be a part of her first experience or I'm going to be lost."

It was so successful. She started a mother-son dance. She said, "That one we started because mothers were getting jealous. They were like you do this for daddies, what about us? We want to present our boys off."

It's not cheap to put on these dances. She reaches out to sponsors but she pays for a lot of it out of her own pocket. She said, "By the time we pay for caterer, building, DJ, pay picture person...we spend about $5000 dollars to have a nice event."

That's why her friend Latoya Johnson wanted to "Pay It Forward."

"I think you don't realize how special it is until you come to one....when you see the expressions on daughters faces when they are dancing with their father."

Hill-Kelly couldn't agree more. WEAR along with Hill-Kelly surprised Kimberly with $500. She said that money will go directly toward putting on the mother/son dance. They currently don't have sponsors and were worried about how they would be able to pay for it. She said the timing coulnd't be more perfect, the $500 came in just in time to make it happen.

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