Health clinic volunteer administers hope to those in need

Health clinic volunteer administers hope to those in need

A free health clinic in Pensacola is run mostly by volunteers but one volunteer often goes above and beyond every day. His life motto is to "Pay it Forward".

Mike Johnston volunteers at the Health and Hope Clinic just about everyday.

He said, "We provide healthcare to a population that doesn't have health insurance. We provide everything from primary specialty care, to dental, also pharmaceutical to the population that really needs it."

He has a full time job but finds time to be their volunteer Pharmacy Director.

Over the past year he has handed out $2 million worth of medications to people who can't afford it.

He said, "We make sure all the patients have medicine they need to get through their day."

He often goes beyond the walls of the clinic. Clinic director, Jessica Ham, said, "He's known to go to the extremes. He will deliver meds to people who are homeless, go to the Waterfront and deliver meds."

That's why she nominated him to be our Pay It Forward recipient

"There's not a limit to what he'll do, if he sees a need, he'll jump right into it" said Ham.

So we surprised him, he thought we were there to do an interview about the clinic. Instead, Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ramp showed up with $500.

Johnston immediately paid it forward and donated that money right back to the clinic. He said, "$500 here goes a long way. It buys so many antibiotics and lab work."

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