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Pay It Forward: Couple spends free time feeding the homeless

Pay It Forward: Couple spends free time feeding the homeless

This week WEAR and Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram "Pay It Forward" to a couple that spends their own time and money feeding the homeless. Each week, Carol and Dawn Cooper spend hours cooking more than 100 people.

Carol said, "We usually start out with fried chicken and then we will have different side dishes, depending on what's available and what's been donated to us. We like to serve salads and vegetables and as much fruit as we can. And always have a lot of bread and dessert. "

All this food feeds the homeless under the I-110 bridge. They have done this every Thursday for the past three years,

Carol said, "1st couple weeks of the month, we have 70-80 people because a lot of them have benefits and they are flush with their benefits but by the end of the month...the crowd gets really really big because people have run out of food stamps and they are hungry."

Their group doesn't have a name or any funding. It's just a few people who find a way to make it happen. Carol and Dawn say the Thursday meal is the highlight of their week.

"These people are just giving me something so wonderful and I can't quite describe what it is, but its something really precious that they give me. " said Carol.

Dawn said, "I've been given so much in my lifetime and I think you know I should give back. I think when you have more than you need you need to give something back."

That's why Lloyd who attends the same church, Christ Episcopal, "Paid it Forward" and nominated them to win $500 dollars from Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

"I can think of no one would use the money and make it go further and help more people than Dawn and Carol."

The money will go directly to feeding more people under I-110 bridge. "We are going to feed people, 500 dollars will feed a lot of people."

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