Pay It Forward semifinalists receive cash to help children

Pay It Forward semifinalists receive cash to help children

Mitzi Swago has had to buy a whole lot of diapers, bottles. and formula over the past six months. She recently opened up her home to new two foster children. She is now a mom to a three-month old and a one-year old.

She said, "I love them, absoultey love them."

Being a single foster mom takes a lot of time, patience, and money.

"I rob Peter to pay Paul, I'm real good at juggling," Mitzi said.

So that's why her friend Merri wanted to 'Pay it Forward' to her.

Merri said, "What a better way to relieve all that stress from someone who has given so much. If you ask Mitzi for a dime, she will give you $10."

Folks from Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram showed up with tons of presents for the kids and a little surprise for Mitzi. Miles Bentley with Hill-Kelly surprised her with the news that she was one of the winners and with a cash prize of $750.

When we asked her what she would do with the money, she started crying and said, " Buy my kids gifts. I was going to have to use my last paycheck to buy them gifts."

Our other finalist, Carlos Hunter has an incredible story as well. Five years ago, he became a single parent to his two daughters.

Hunter said, "Childcare can be a challenge, having to be at work early or stay late. I have to make sure someone is here to get them off to school or get them when they get home."

The past year has been rough. His dad died and six days later his mom passed away.

His car was seized shortly later. He now walks everywhere.

"It can be a challenge when you have to go to grocery store, go to church," Hunter said. "I've learned to do what I need to do to overcome it. "

So his friend, Clexton, wanted to 'Pay it Forward.' The folks from Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram couldn't agree more.

They brought in gifts for his daughters and a big gift for Mr. Hunter, $750.

Money that will be used to buy a car and to keep helping others.

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