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What to know about asthma attacks

What to know about asthma attacks

Millions are living with asthma, but doctors say they're seeing more asthma patients walk through the door.

"When she was little she needed the mask," said mother Dena Friedel. Her daughter Jordan suffers from asthma.

Jordan was diagnosed with asthma before she turned two.

"You could tell her breathing was very labored and it was scary to watch," she explained.

Her daughter is now 15 and carries both an emergency inhaler and epinepherin everywhere. Jordan is also allergic to peanuts.

"The combination of that with the asthma puts her in the highest risk category for severe reactions," she said.

Dr. Brian Fornadel said the prevalence in asthma is going up. It already affects 20 million people in the U.S; seven million of those are children.

"We're not really sure why; perhaps exposure to more pollutants," said Dr. Brian Fornadel.

Everything from dust mites to detergents, cigarette smoke and perfume to outdoor allergens can trigger an attack.

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