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Updated: Wednesday, January 8 2014, 09:59 PM CST
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It's one of the coldest days of the year --and if you want to warm up -- here's the *hottest drinks for good health 

On l drive healthy tea is steam
Things get a little steamy some days --at this spice and tea exchange -- their custom beverage blends *are a welcome exchange for many these days

Coming in from the cold. but in addition to warming up -- people want to drink up -- for good health this time of year.

Spice Master Brittany Spurlock says she gets asked a little bit ---about a lot -- when it comes to hot drinks for good health.

All the time, we get quite a few folks in here looking for your more medicinal herbs, we also get a lot of folks particular this time of year for those healthy teas.

Her top picks include Blueberry Black Tea for a cuppa heart health -- Mystic Dragon -- a blend with caffeine to boost alertness

This blend she brewed up for us to fend off the common cold --
My personal cold remedy right now is our Ginger Tumeric Herbal Tea, mixed with our Jay Cloud Green Tea.

In English that means?
The antioxidants with green tea cuz it has a lot of those, ginger is a natural nausea queller, and then tumeric is a blood purifier.

Now obviously what's important to note, is whether or not you can actually handle drinking this to have the medicinal benefits, so an honest confession here,  Oh that's actually really good, kind of a light full bodied flavor, much better than any cold medicine.

The other hot drink for good health this time of year --cocoa blends --
Julie Van Arsdale says Tropical Cocoa is a hot pick on a cold day.
It has some of our naturally infused organic sugars in it which is like a raspberry, a coconut, as well as also a cocoa sugar, and it's made with a splash of cinnamon,, and our beautiful dutch cocoa.
How much do you need to heat things up?
If you are trying to get the health benefits of a beverage,  at least 3 eight ounce servings a day.

Most herbal tea can be steeped for any amount of time.
But the more *fragile* blends don't need to steep for longer than two minutes, in water that's just under 200 degrees.
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HEALTH NEWS: Hot Health drinks
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