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HEALTH NEWS - Infant Sleep deaths

Updated: Friday, December 13 2013, 08:17 PM CST
HEALTH NEWS  -  Infant Sleep deaths story image
Sleep related deaths is the leading cause of death in babies one month old to one year
The risk  increases when temperatures drop
On the day he turned one month old, Charlie Matthews died.
Dearea Matthews))
Just woke up that morning and looked over and I realized something was wrong.

Charlie began the night on his back in his bassinet---but his mother took him out, placing him in her bed to nurse.

We ended up both dozing off and then when I woke up, he was laying there and he wasn't breathing.

That was in 2009---the same year B'more for Healthy Babies Safe Sleeps campaign began.

Since then, in Baltimore city, sleep related deaths in infants have decreased.
But more work needs to be done.

Dr. Stephanie Regenold Sr. Medical Advisor
14 is 14 too many because these are preventable and if people knew that their baby is at 40 times higher risk of dying by bringing their baby into bed with them then I think people would think differently and do differently.

All parents and caregivers should know the A, B, Cs of sleep safety.
And that's making sure the baby is alone on his or her back in a crib.

And during the winter infant sleep related deaths increase.
Some cases due to poor ventilation and overheating.

Dr. Regenold
If you're walking around in a long sleeve shirt and you've got your baby in three layers and a hat and gloves on that's not safe. The baby should be in what's comfortable for an adult.

Matthews now shares her story...Turning her pain into positivity while honoring her little Charlie.

That's my goal now to help other mothers and raise awareness on safe sleep and help moms who have lost infants get through it.

Sleeping in a house with a smoker also increases the chances of sleep related infant deaths.
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HEALTH NEWS - Infant Sleep deaths
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