HEALTH: Weight gain during pregnancy

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 05:53 PM CDT
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Weight gain during pregnancy - all women dread it.
And to tip the scales even more those extra pounds can lead to serious health consequences.
ABC's Timothy Johnson tells us -- there may be a solution.
Baby weight - for most women, it goes hand-in-hand with the joy of having a new baby. But too much can be a problem one that can even lead to delivery complications or an increased risk of obesity for her child.

But this week new research showing there may be something women can do - and it's not a fad diet.

Kaiser permanent researchers studied more than a hundred obese pregnant women. Half participated in a weight loss program with weekly group meetings
 And dietary counseling. They also kept a food and exercise journal. The other half got only one educational session on healthy eating.

By the end of their pregnancies, those who had the counseling gained just 11 pounds on average. The other women? They gained 18 pounds.

And after childbirth the women in the program ended up lighter than they were at the start of the study.

More than half of all women gain more weight than they should while pregnant. so finding a healthy way to deal with this weight is the best way to a great start in motherhood.

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HEALTH: Weight gain during pregnancy
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