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Do you have texting thumb?

Do you have texting thumb?

Do you text all the time? Do your hands sometimes hurt? Physical therapists blame "texting thumb."

It's a condition some people think is simply made up, but physical therapists say it's real. Jill Hudson is a hand therapist at Sacred Heart Occupational clinic.

She explained, "If you start banging into that thing, you are going to irritate that joint and the only way it can go is out."

She told us "texting thumb" is just a trendy way of saying arthritis of the CMC joint. She often sees patients with this condition.

"This is a bad posture for your thumb. Most of your activity is happening here and stress will happen here. This is where you will feel it, here in the CMC joint," she said.

She feels it will only get worse because so many people are constantly on their phones. Her number one tip is to get off your phone.

"Well, limit it," she said. "Texting for long period of time isn't good for anybody; to sit there for hours at a time, no one should do that."

So how do you know if you have it? She said the joint will be more stiff and it will hurt

The injury doesn't happen overnight, but it can cause major problems if it becomes a habit.

"CMC arthritis is so painful. Thumbs are 50 percent of your hand. You will do something to fix it and surgery will have to be done."

She does exercises with clients to strengthen the joint and tries to teach them better ways to position their thumbs.