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Program for expecting moms plans everything from music to first meal after delivery


A new program at Sacred Heart Hospital is allowing pregnant women to create a birth plan. They get to choose it all from the music in the delivery room to their first meal after delivery!

The program is called Monogram Maternity.

You walk in and it's almost like a spa experience. You are handed a lavender infused towel, the lights are low, and aromatherapy oils fill the air.

Donna Wisdom said, "I have the awesome title of being birth designer."

The title sounds like something straight out of a celebrity magazine. Wisdom helps expecting mothers create a birth plan.

"It's letting the lady be special again," she said. "Yes, she's special with her pregnancy, but its all about the baby. This is all about her. We sit down with women, go through whole birth design process. We sit down with them and plan out what they would like to do during labor, delivery and the postpartum period."

The service is free and she has the OGBYN sign off on any requests she meets with expecting mothers between 28 and 36 weeks, so she can get to know them and make their delivery dreams come true.

Jacob and Sarah Fischer were some of her first clients.

"We opted for all things we could control," Sarah said. "The aromatherapy, the music, there were a lot of questions that Donna asked us that I hadn't thought through."

Sarah ended up having a C-section. Even though that wasn't in her plan.

Donna helped prepare them. She covers the basics, like paperwork, medications and how to use birthing tools.

She even has a mock delivery room so you know what to expect when you get to the hospital.

She focuses on education, but she allows the mom to be pampered through aromatherapy, decorating options and forget hospital food. There's an option to have a celebratory dinner catered by a local restaurant.

"I've got Red Lobster, Longhorns, Sake Cafe," Wisdom said. "One doctor's wife said 'I don't care what you do, but bring me some sushi.'"

They also have trendy birthing gowns and fancy soaps that can be delivered to your room. She is also trying to bring in massages and manicures.

She said the goal is to help that new mom feel a bit more relaxed during one of life's most special, but often stressful, moments.