3 On the Road: Surfing with Waterville USA & hanging out with the Jacksonian Guard

3 On the Road: Surfing with Waterville USA and hanging out with Jacksonian Guard

The 3 On the Road crew split up and dove into two different adventures this week!

Meg McNamara and Jarred Willets were in Gulf Shores, Alabama, where Meg tried her hand at body boarding on Waterville USA's 'Flowrider.'

But before that, Meg met 'Happy' a non-poisonous snake from the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.

Jared hung out with Megan Pratt, the founder and executive director of the Pensacola MESS Hall. There he had a hands-on science experience and learned more about the Bernoulli effect.

Hannah Mackenzie went back in time to the 19th century at Plaza Ferdinand in Downtown Pensacola where she caught up with the Jacksonian Guard.

Once a month, the Jacksonian Guard performs the exact replica ceremony from 1821 when America took control of Florida from Spain. We also saw some dancing, musket shooting and more! This month's reenactment happens on Saturday.

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