Rep. Gaetz speaks out on Comey's notes

Rep. Gaetz speaks out on Comey's notes

The White House is dealing with another bombshell allegation. Sources say former FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo stating President Donald Trump asked him to drop the Russia investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

The White House is denying those claims. Now the Congressional oversight committees and members of both parties are asking to see Comey's notes on the encounter.

Congressman Matt Gaetz spoke with Channel 3 about what he thinks Congress should do in response.

"I serve on the House Judiciary Committee and our principle focus is to ensure there has been no investigation that has been interrupted as a consequence of President Trump firing James Comey," explained Gaetz. "We want to make sure the investigation into Russia, meddling in the election or the campaign with Russian operatives continues to go forward. So I'll be looking into whether there has been no interruption into these matters.

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