Web extra: Gaetz discusses Afghanistan bombing with WEAR

Web extra: Gaetz discusses Afghanistan bombing with WEAR

Congressman Matt Gaetz said Thursday's attack using the biggest non-nuclear bomb was the president's direct response to the death of Staff Sergeant Mark de Alencar.

The Special Forces soldier was based at Duke Field near Eglin Air Force Base.

He was killed in action last weekend in Afghanistan in the same area the Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) blasted.

"It is my belief that President Trump is sending the message that when American troops are harmed, the response will be severe and it will be immediate," Gaetz explained. "And I do believe the use of the MOAB to have a one-mile blast radius in this area that ISIS was able to operate in, is a consequence of that exchange that led to mortal wounds for Staff Sergeant de Alencar."

Gaetz said Congress was briefed that every necessary precaution was taken to notify our allies in the region before the MOAB was dropped. He added there are no casualty figures or damage reports from the blast yet.

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