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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angel in our Midst (Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
For decades a group of car enthusiasts has been using their hobby in a far reaching way.

We'll show you who's on the road to benefit from these angels in our midst.
These are their toys. 
From 1964 1/2  to current year.

From straight off the assembly line originals to custom modified.  The 100 plus members of the Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club do love their cars.  That said, when they roll out the welcome mat for their car shows, they're focused on more than a paint job and what's under the hood.

Ron Raven, President, Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club;  That's what our mission here at the Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club is about is the local children's charities in the Northwest Florida area.

That makes the mustang club a driving force for those local charities; like the Ronald McDonald House.

Judy Burns, Ronald McDonald House;  The support we get from Gulf Coast Mustang Club is how we're able to help families with children in the hospital.  We provide a home away from home for families with their children in critical care.  In fact, for last year, we had over a thousand families stay with us. 

The Wings of Hope.
Natalee Brooks, Gulf Coast Wings of Hope;  We help local families that have children with cancer ages 18 and under.  We help with travel expenses for those families that have to travel.  And we help reimburse medical expenses that they incur for treatment.

And the Hadji Shriners who transport 250 children for medical care.
Darryl Mashburn, Hadji Shrine Potentate;  We have 22 hospitals throughout North America.  We treat burn children and kids with orthopedic problems at no cost to the family. 

Entry fees and sales from this latest car provided three thousand dollars for each organization.  That money is vital to these agencies and the clients they serve.

Darryl;  It's about 650 to 700 dollars a trip and this money goes to that.  And also, if we have emergency cases, we airflight children, particularly burn children and that costs anywhere from 15 to 18 thousand dollars.

Judy;  The only way we continue to be able to provide a home away from home for families is from the support from the Gulf Coast Mustang Club and other community organizations like that. 

Natalee;  We are a nonprofit and all of the money, 100 percent, comes from people that donate to us; individuals and businesses, clubs and civic organizations.

The mustang club's impact has tallied a sporty sum of money over the years.
Ron Raven, President, Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club;  This marks a landmark for us.  We've exceeded over 500,000 dollars in local charitable donations to children's organizations in the past 34 years.

And these mustangs are still rolling
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angel in our Midst (Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club)

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