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Angel in our Midst (Jozan Blount)

Updated: Wednesday, September 25 2013, 11:18 AM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY  --  As a little girl, Jozan Blount had two passions in life.
She spent three decades focused on one of her callings and now she's giving her all to the other.
She is "Still" and Angel in Our Midst.
Voice of Jozan Blount;  I've been volunteering for six years after I retired from teaching for 30 years.  And the animals brought me here.   I came one day to drop off some donations and I've been here ever since.

And ever since then, Jozan Blount has made a total commitment to the Humane Society and the animals.

Jozan;  I come with a bunch of my friends on Sundays and I walk dogs.  I've transported animals to their vet appoints.  And I've fostered over a hundred kittens.

She washes dishes, she mops floors, takes out the trash, does laundry, preps litter boxes, cleans kennels...

Eloise de Varona, Humane Society Board of Directors;  There's nothing that she won't do for the Humane Society and for the animals; absolutely nothing.  There's no job too tough, too menial, too demanding.

Jozan knew early in childhood that she wanted to be a teacher.  She also developed her love for animals about the same time.

Jozan;  Everybody in our neighborhood had dogs.  I used to have dog school; it's embarrassing.

I used to make report cards for them.  And if they could do, sit or stand, or any tricks like that or if they barked too much I'd make 'em down on citizenship.  Just a preliminary to being a teacher.

In some ways she is still teaching; helping the abused animals learn to trust again and she's the nurturer.

Jozan;  These are two of the five that we found under the tubs last Thursday morning.

Jozan brings patience as she devotes whatever time it takes to turn these lives around.

Eloise;  That includes walking dogs and spending quality time with the cats and kittens so that they're properly socialized so they can be more easily adopted.

And that's the reward for Jozan and all of the volunteers; when their babies are safe and in good homes.

Jozan;  You meet the families that adopt them  People will send pictures of 'em and let us know how they're doing.  It's just wonderful to know we're helping.

Eloise;  She is just an inspiration to all of us.  She sets the bar pretty high for volunteers.
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angel in our Midst (Jozan Blount)

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