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Angels In Our Midst

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Angel in our Midst (Teresa Bradley)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
They call her Aunt Sugar and when you see her, you'll know why.
You'll also see that the disposition of this Angel in our Midst is just as sweet.

Can you turn your face around.  Be pretty girl.  Oh, good gracious.
Six years ago, Teresa Bradley would have told you in a heartbeat, she was "not" an animal person.  So, how in the world did things come to this?

My sister is the kennel supervisor here at the shelter and she asked me to come down and decorate for Christmas.  I said, O.K., Baby, what's your budget?  She said, Teresa, we're the county, we don't have a budget.  I was so sad, so I decided to make Christmas.
Teresa may not have been an animal person but she is a woman who won't pass up a challenge.  She did indeed make Christmas that year and she's made a lot of other things happen at the Escambia County Animal Shelter since then.  She even started and runs the volunteer program.

I lost all my inhibitions and my sequins.
Her loss has been a big gain for all of the animals. And the staff.  She has come up with creative campaigns; one raising over 17,000 dollars.  She reaches into the community for donations like this commercial washer and dryer.  But, her biggest success is in the number of adoptions she handles. 

This mom came looking for "a" dog for her two sons.  On the decisions. black puppy playing  this little one puts on a show that says, take me home. 

But then Teresa patiently leads mom kennel by kennel, just in case.  And sure enough, another puppy tugs at her heartstrings.

Teresa helps find homes for some of the most difficult to place.
We had a three legged dog here a year ago named Annie; big dog.  A man walked in with his daughter and said, I'm not here to adopt.  We said, That's good.  He fell in love with Annie the minute he saw her.

That's why I'm here; it's magical, it's just magical.
 And like magic, mom decides to take home "both" of the puppies.  After all, she does have two boys.

Teresa will immediately turn her attention to the others who are still waiting but for the moment, another happy ending.

I love it.  I love it.  Oh, my good gracious. (laugh)
 Angels in our Midst brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
Angel in our Midst (Teresa Bradley)

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