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Angels in our Midst (Angel of Doggie Beach)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
PENSACOLA - Pensacola has a place that's a treasure you won't find in many other areas across the South.
It's very well kept and always has something new to offer.
Visitors to this place credit one man they call the "Angel of Doggie Beach."
"Dawg Father. Dawg Father. Dawg Father. Yes. You can't pronounce it southernly."

That's one of the affectionate titles given to Charley's best buddy, Byron Campbell. He's the man credited with the developments at Bayview Park's Doggie Beach.

Nikki Bloodworth, dog park volunteer; "What I have seen Byron do is unify the volunteers and get the work done in a way that no one else in the city could. Because a lot of us have tried.

Byron Campbell; "I've just been the facilitator, that's all."

He facilitates by sharing his vision. Bryon just happened to mention that the park needed shade.

Byron Campbell; "One of the greatest assets that we have is the pavilion over here. Southern Shading is the company that donated this thing.

Then there were the dull gray benches.

Teri Pitesa, dog park volunteer; "He'll come up and say, hum, I'm thinking about painting those benches. And he never asks, he allows you to volunteer to say, oh, yeah, I'll help.

The ladies came with paint and brushes and behold ...
The "Canine Riviera."

Every time there is some job to be accomplished, there is someone here who not only knows how, but willing and capable of accomplishing it.

There was the man who just happened to be there and offered to help plant the Conferedate Jasmine along the fence. He didn't need Byron's instructions.

Byron Campbell; "He says, I know, I know. And I said, how do you know. And he says, I just sold my landscaping business in Boone, North Carolina. You see where an angel has appeared."

The volunteers say it's no accident that they show up. Everything here has been influenced by Bryon.

Teri; "He brings that sense of community to the dog park."

Nikki; "His sincerity. And we all love his accent."

He picked that up while teaching abroad. Byron campbell's a tried and true southern gentleman; modest about what he's done.

Byron Campbell; "We always put our energies and our talents and our wallets wherever our heart is. This is where my heart lies."

Angels in our midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
Angels in our Midst (Angel of Doggie Beach)

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