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Angels in our Midst (Belle Bear)

Updated: Monday, December 9 2013, 09:48 PM CST
Mary Hoxeng;  People can't say "no" to Belle.
Barry Cole;  It's hard to say "no" to her.  I don't think I ever have, truth be told.

People don't say "no" to Belle Bear.   It's not that she's intimidating by any means.  She's a very sweet, gentle and soft-spoken person.  It's her drive and determination for a cause that pulls you in.

Belle Bear, A True Community Servant;  I think it's because I do get passionate about something and I guess I get obsessed; I do get obsessed with things.  And when I do, I'm 200 percent in that direction.

Mary Hoxeng, Cat Country Radio 98.7;  She gets more done in a day than I can get done in a month's time.

And she does things in a big way.  Take for instance, transforming the Blue Wahoo's Baseball Stadium into a gala venue to raise money for the ARC Gateway.  Just a little gathering; seating 600 for dinner.  This would be a first for the park so belle needed a "yes" from owner Quint Studer and just as important, a "yes" from General Manager Bruce Baldwin.  She got it.

Belle;  We kind of play out, play on each other.  We both like to think out of the box.

Now, in all honesty, Belle Bear could just write a check to support the causes close to her heart.

Mary;  That;'s not Belle.  That doesn't work for Belle;  If she can't be in it and just really making sure it's just gonna be perfect and the best event ever; it's just not in her spirit.

Belle;  Fortunately, I have the time to do it.  I make the time to do it.
Barry Cole, Owner, Bere' Jewelers;  I've seen that lady work.
Whether it's fifty dollars or it's five thousand dollars, the lady will go after it, go after it hard.  If she believes in something, she's going to make sure she gives it 110 percent.

Mary;  When we were setting up for the Wreaths of Joy, when it was raining and there was mud everywhere, Belle was right in there.  She had mud halfway up her pant leg.

Whether it's ARC Gateway, Pensacola Impact 100, the Y.M.C.A. or any other of the dozens of organizations she has supported, Belle Bear is setting the example and making a difference for generations to come.

Belle;  I want to do for people.  I want to do; I want to leave a legacy for my children.
Barry;  Her granddaughter, Lauren, when we were raising some money for a young girl in our community who has cancer, walk around selling little pink bracelets; you know, these little Praying for Carolyn bracelets for two bucks a piece.  Her goal was to make 200 dollars.  And that's her grandchild   
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
   Angels in our Midst (Belle Bear)

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