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Angels In Our Midst (Bunny Dubose)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Margaret "Bunny" Dubose; "Once I came through those doors and started being with patients, it was a great gift and a great joy. And I feel so fortunate that I can do this for others."

Margaret Dubose, affectionately known to all as, "Bunny", became a Covenant Hospice volunteer two years ago. She felt a need to give back what they had given to her brother.

Margaret "Bunny" Dubose, Covenant Hospice Volunteer; "He was severely ill and his pain; that was what was so comforting for me and him, was that they helped him with all his pain and his suffering."

In their private homes, in nursing homes and here at the Joyce Goldenberg Hospice residence, Bunny spends countless hours easing the pain and suffering of others. She says it really doesn't take much.

Bunny; "Knowing that I can so in there, or any volunteer, and just give them a gentle touch or a little hug that makes a big difference to their life that day."

Elmer Busch, Hospice Patient; "She asked me what she could do for me, I said, you could get me some ice cream. And she ran down, went right down and got me some ice cream."

Elmer; "Fell in love right away. You can't help but fall in love when some woman gives you a bowl of ice cream."

Becky Crawford, Covenant Volunteer Manager; "Anything at all that she can think of that she can do to make a patient's day a little easier or a loved one's life and moment a little easier, and that journey can sometimes be very difficult, that's what she does."

Bunny admits there are times when it's hard for her too. She was there for one young mother...

Bunny; "And her 11 year old son was in there and he was so precious. He was trying to hold back his tears and he was sitting on the bed and he was just rubbing her, saying, It's O.K. mama, it's O.K. mama. Just to know that he knew that was her last day."

For others, there comes the 11th hour.

Bunny; "There are some patients here who have nobody, not a friend, not a family member. We go in and we sit with that patient so that there will never be anyone alone when they pass away."

Elmer; "It's a peaceful situation. It makes you feel peaceful. She makes you smile right away. And you're just thankful that she's here."

That compassionate caring comes naturally for Bunny. She has felt firsthand the mission of covenant.

Becky; "Yes, we are caring for patients who are at the end of their life. But, guess what, today, this moment, they are living and our volunteers want to help them pour life into the moments."

Bunny; "This is a gift of love we give." Angels In Our Midst (Bunny Dubose)

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