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Angels in our Midst (Carolyn and Melvin Kahl)

Updated: Monday, January 20 2014, 08:49 PM CST
The Council on Aging of West Florida relies heavily on volunteers to make deliveries through their Meals on Wheels program.
We rode along with two Angels who are perfectly suited for the task.
Carolyn: My husband has a real bad leg, real bad.  So, he has a hard time walking around.  And for him to drive, I don't like to drive that well. 

He worked for the post office, so he's a real good driver.  I could see me going all over the place.  So, it works real well.

Carolyn and Melvin Kahl are quite the pair.  For two years now, they've been making their daily runs to deliver Meals on Wheels to the frail elderly and the homebound.

Michael Bales, Mother receives Meals On Wheels:  It's for my mother.  Like I said, she's disabled so it helps her with food and stuff like that that she can't normally get herself.

For many of their clients, this is their only source of nutritious food. 
Nora Hopkins, Grateful for Meals on Wheels;  I can have something here to eat and stuff, so that's good.

Lamar Mathis, Receives Meals On Wheels;  We get milk, butter, and bread, and cookies.  Plus. a meal that includes a meat and two vegetables

Delivering meals isn't the only thing the Kahls do.
Carolyn Kahl, Meals On Wheels Volunteer; No, no.   You try to look around and see what's going on in the home; see if they're safe.

They're really good listeners too.  Theirs might me the only human contact the clients have that day.

Lamar;  He was in the Marines and I was in World War II, so we talk a lot.
Melvin;  He keeps up with the Blue Wahoos and I told him Delino DeShields got taken back as manager and he thought that was a good deal.  So do I.
The Kahls' visits are a blessing to families and caregivers as well.  They have so many others issues they're juggling already.

John Mathis, Parents receive Meals On Wheels;  We don't have to worry about them having something to eat everyday.  And that's just so much not to worry about.

Carolyn Kahl;  Sometimes it can be sad but it can be uplifting too that these people are able to come through so much and can be so joyful when they can't get out of a wheelchair or out of the bed.

Knowing that they make a difference, keeps Carolyn and Melvin on their appointed rounds.

Melvin;  I hope that we give them hope, that there is, help is on the way.
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.
Angels in our Midst (Carolyn and Melvin Kahl)

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