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Angels in Our Midst (Catherine Humphreys)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
PENSACOLA - She worked with students for 20 years in the front office at Catholic High School.
Then, she took care of her grandchildren until they were old enough for school.
So, it's not surprising that when Catherine Humphreys had some time on her hands, she found a place with children who needed an angel in their midst.

Discovery Gateway, Pearl Nelson Child Development Center.
Jean Crowder, Therapist; She's the first face that a family member might see. And our mission here at Pearl Nelson Center is to make a positive difference in not only our children's lives but our families' lives as well.

Catherine Humphrey's has been making that difference three days a week for the past eight years at ARC Discovery Gateway and Pearl Nelson Child Development Center. Like many non-profits, budget cuts here have made the role of volunteers, critical. The littlest things mean a lot.

Jean; "Whenever anybody says that they would like to come in and help out, it is a huge thing."

Every job she can take on and every hour Catherine commits here, is additional time therapists can spend with the children.

Jean; "I can give it to Catherine, I could put it in her box and say, Please, please shred or please file, please make 30 copies apiece; and it's done."

And, Catherine hasn't hesitated to tackle a few new things.

Catherine; "It's a foreign language. I'm learning the computer.
And I send out my help sign and they come a running."

Dee Calloway, Billing Specialist; "The computer work that she does for us is incredible. You know, so many people her age will not anywhere near a computer. She jumped right in and with a little help, she was ready to go."

And we can't forget that grandmother's touch; there's no price you can put on that.
Catherine; "It's just such a comfort place to be and I can see the progress that the children make."

Whatever the need, all they have to do is ask.
Catherine; "And if I can do it, hey, that's a help to them. I love doing it. And I get so much from being here."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in Our Midst (Catherine Humphreys)

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