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Angels in our Midst (Cram the Van givers)

Updated: Monday, August 5 2013, 07:48 PM CDT
Thousands of our children will be going back to school over the next two weeks and they'll be going back just like their friends with their very on supplies.
That great start at learning is being made possible by many of you  The Angels in our Midst.
Grace Donahue, Doing a nice thing;  A backpack for someone else.
Why did you buy a backpack for someone else?
Because it's a nice thing to do.

And a lot of you did a very nice thing.  You bought pencils, pens, glue, scissors, paper.
Detarious Battle, Donating School Supplies;  I brought mostly, like, notebooks, pencils.  And I donated because most kids need help and I love helping people.

Chip French,  Helping Out;  I saw the van and asked what it was about and anything to help somebody that doesn't have something.  I mean, I remember what it was like when I was going to school and it's just nice to help somebody out.

People had their own stories and reasons for giving.
Ashley Stinebough, Helping Others;  My mom was a single mom; she struggled.  I get where they come from when the parents don't feel good when they can't send their kids with what they need to have to get a better education.

Those on the front lines of education know the need firsthand and they were right there to make a difference too.
Sarah Wandell, Knows the Need;  My boys are all grown and I miss coming out and doing the shopping with my boys and I thought, this is a great thing to do.  I mentor in Escambia County and I know how important it is for the kids to have these tools.

Irene Gerena. Former School Teacher;  I'm a former school teacher and I know what it is when children come to school and don't have the proper supplies.

Out of my own pocket I would sometimes go out and buy extra things for those that didn't have any and it was hard.

Your kindness will touch lives beyond learning.
Brooke Rose, 3rd Grade Teacher;  Especially in elementary school, your peers look at you.  And if you come in and you don't have supplies like they do, you know, it upsets them.

Cram the Van business partners Sandy Sansing and Papa Johns Pizza lead the community effort.  Gulf Power employees, the Escambia County Public Schools Foundation and the Beulah Firefighters continued their annual support with very generous gifts.  Abate,the Iron Order and a host of motorcycle clubs rolled up through the rain bringing supplies.

Some parents used this as a chance to teach their own lesson in sacrifice and sharing.
She did yardwork and she did housework and she just wanted to help the little kids that she knows need help.

To all of you who did such a nice thing by helping others, we say thank you and.
God Bless. 
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.


Angels in our Midst (Cram the Van givers)

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