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Angels in our Midst (Deputy Biggs and Argo)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY  -  When the Escambia County Sheriff's Department lost a member of one of their units, a volunteer stepped in to fill that void.
We can't introduce you to this man, but we can show you what an unassuming Angel in our Midst gave the department and the community.   

Biggs;  "We spend a lot of time with our dogs; more time than we spend with our family.  They actually become a part of our family."

So when Dalo, his partner of five years, died from health problems in August, the death hit Deputy Kevin Biggs hard.

"You develop a bond with your K-9 that only other K-9 handlers can describe."
Kevin says he needed to get right back out there.  But with tight budgets and an average cost of 7500 dollars, he knew another partner wouldn't be coming anytime soon.  Or so he thought.

"Lieutenant Potts contacted me and said someone offered to buy the dog.  So, he told me on a Monday, we left for Kentucky on Tuesday to go buy him."

That gift to Deputy Biggs and the community came courtesy of a donor who didn't want to be identified.

Lt. Jason Potts;  "He read an article about how we use our dogs in the schools to help find narcotics or illegal drugs in the schools.  And he wanted to be able to contribute to the department in order for us to have more dogs in the schools."

When he was making his pick of the litter, there was no doubt when he found his match.

"When I went and got him out of the kennel, he bit me.  So, I think maybe that had something to do with it."

"You just know." 
Deputy Biggs and Argo have completed their 400 hours of training and are getting ready for national certification. 

"He is a dual certified dog.  He's certified in narcotics.  He's also certified in locating people... tracking .... building searches."

Already, the team is making an impact.
"We've been on the streets approximately three weeks.  He's already located narcotics and a firearm out of a vehicle."

Making a difference thanks to that anonymous donor.
"He come along at the right time." 
"Uhmmm, I mean, what do you tell somebody like that."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Deputy Biggs and Argo)

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