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Angels in our Midst (Dr. Jack Kichler)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
When Escambia County's global learning academy opened its doors in August, they started on an ambitious journey. They would take children around the world. Their head tour guide is an angel in our midst.

The geographic North Pole. I've been to Antarctica. Skipper Sexton, Global Learning Academy; We want to teach the students to appreciate the world and the people in the world and the cultures in the world and we need ambassadors to do that.

Teacher Skipper Sexton's first assignment was to find those ambassadors.

Dr. Jack;  I've been to Pakistan, India, China, Zambia, Zimbaewa, Botswana ...

Doing a little homework, led her to discover Dr. Jack Kichler.

Dr. Jack;  I've been to 128 different countries.

And Dr. Jack loves nothing more than sharing his travels and adventures.  He found a captive audience at the global learning academy.  Through friendships he developed during his world travels, he's brought distance learning opportunities to the children.  They skype with  students around the world.  Their newest friends are in Switzerland.

Dr. Jack's fascination with people started at a young age too.

Dr. Jack;  I grew up in the ghetto in Chicago and that was, I guess, the first time that I had access to other cultures.

His military career and then life as a private physician allowed him to really explore the world became an his textbook.

Dr. Jack;  At one time, I was a jungle doctor down in Columbia South America and I lived in a convent with six nuns.  That was an interesting experience.

Volunteering to take these children on their virtual tours is a perfect fit for Dr. Jack.  It's a chance to open conversation and create understanding between the next generation of goodwill ambassadors.

What is your questions?  What kind of homework do you have to do?
Dr. Jack Kichler;  I hope they get to see children in other countries.  I hope they get to see how they live.  I hope they get to learn a few words in the language of that country.

Ms. Sexton;  A skill of diplomacy that students need to learn now so that they can hone them as they go through life.

Today, Switzerland, tomorrow off to another corner of the world.

Dr. Jack;   People have said of me that many people collect stamps and things like that; I collect people.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Dr. Jack Kichler)

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