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Angels In Our Midst (Dr. Tara Gonzalesa)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
When she entered the field of pediatrics, she was answering a calling.

She made a commitment to care for every child as she would her own.

She would serve and sacrifice like the Angels In Our Midst.

Voice of Dr. Tara Gonzales, Pediatrcian; When people say, Will you take care of my're taking care of their most prized possession. And I have three children...and I would never treat anybody else's child any differently than I would want my child to be treated.

Dr. Tara Gonzales believes her career as a pediatrician was divinely guided. For ten years, she has committed her all to fulfilling that assignment.

Suzanne Ham, RN, Peds Intensive Care Nurse; She gets there at 5:30 or 6. I asked her, When do you actually sleep?

Dr. Tara Gonzales, Pediatrician; I do go to the hospital early. I like to talk to the nurses, to pick their brains to find out what has gone on overnight, what are they seeing, what other intangible social issues can I get.

Echelle Caldwell, Aiyana's Mom; She's got that special touch with children, period. I mean, it just flows when you see her with the kids.

She started an obesity program to help children get fit. For Doctor G, "caring" is about the total child.

Suzanne; Knowing how their report cards were, their mom's names, their sisters' names, brothers' names, what activities they were in. It really, I thought, Wow, that's amazing.

Echelle; She likes to talk to them to see how they're feeling, not just what's coming out of the parent's mouth.

Dr. G; Kids come in here with their report cards, with all the accolades and awards that they get and they bring them to me. And that means I mean something to them.

And I'm going to make as big a deal out of it as I possibly can because that's our future.

Dr. Gonazles has been a part of the futures of more than five thousand children. She has 3500 active files right now. A large number of these are medicaid patients; patients that a lot of doctors won't see because the reimbursement doesn't cover the cost of care.

Dr. G; There's no way in the world that I owuld be able to tell another person, period, that I couldn't take your child.

More than a few people warned Doctor G. That taking so many medicaid patients would put her out of business. They were right.

Dr. G; It took longer than what everybody thought was going to happen. And that's o.k. I don't regret it for not even a moment.

So, the season for arbor pediatrics is over. Dr. Gonzales is leaving her practice to become full time assistant medical director for children's medical services. She says this is the new soapbox god has given to her.

Suzanne; She's just an angel, she really is. I think she just really wants kids to be happy and healthy and she does everything that she can for that to happen.

Dr. G.; I'll be in Tallahassee. I'll be in Washington D.C. If President Obama wants my opinion, feel free to give him my number. But, I'm going to fight so that everybody gets access to quality health care. Angels In Our Midst (Dr. Tara Gonzalesa)

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