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Updated: Monday, April 21 2014, 09:48 PM CDT
For almost every age, ability and interest, there is a place you can volunteer.
Most non-profits and schools will tell you, it's their volunteers that keep them running.
Volunteers like Frank Beeby.
Frank;  I flew airplanes for 35 years.  I flew in the Navy for 22 years and I flew corporate for about 13 years.

Since he grounded himself for retirement, Frank Beeby hasn't been sitting still.
Frank Beeby, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer;  I started volunteering with Habitat in about 1990.  So, I've been with them for about 14 years.  I only work about one day a week.

Before coming to Habitat for Humanity, Mr. Beeby hadn't done anything bigger than a few fix-it jobs around the house.  And now...

Frank Beeby, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer;  Anything that they want me to do is basically it.  I can come out and help when they're framing or we're doing doors and trim today, another day we'll be putting in cabinets. 

Les Thornton,  I can depend on him most any week; one certain day a week.  But, I rely on the man.  He does a really good job.

Frank;  I feel like I'm giving back a bit.
I've had a good life.

And he's sharing the good life.  Without the dedication and commitment of volunteers, many parents and children would never have the opportunity to own a home; to have safe, affordable housing.  Frank Beeby knows that.

Frank;  Yeah.
It brings up their standard of living a long ways.

He takes a lot of pride in being a part of changing lives.  That's why he puts his heart and soul as well as his time into every home.

Les Thornton, Habitat Crew Leader;  He's just naturally a good man.  He's a hard worker.  He's got a heart this big.  He's a good guy.

At 81 years old, Mr. Frank says you're never too old to find a way to serve.
Frank;  I'm living at Azalea Trace, it's a retirement community, and we have hundreds of people out there that volunteer in the community.  A bunch of them are out at the Aviation Museum volunteering.  Some of them are at their churches volunteering.  We have people volunteering at every one of the hospitals here in town.

Oh, and another great reason to volunteer.
Frank;  Keeps me out of mischief.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by the Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.


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