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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Gulf Coast Pool & Spa)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
More than 8 years ago, a wounded soldier came home to a hero's welcome.
Over time, he figured he'd become just another statistic and a footnote to a forgotten war.
Recently, he was confronted by a Band of Angels with very long memories.

Dustin;  Tearing ligaments in my shoulders; after 51 surgeries, I don't want any more.  I've done the physical therapy now you have to find something else.

The Wheelchair Marathons were as much psychological therapy as they were physical for Dustin Tuller.  No longer able to do that, his wife made calls to get price quotes for a swimming pool; a safer way for Dustin to exercise.  

Cheryl;  We had an above ground pool and you had to push him in and then you had to get in the pool and shove him out.

Bill Hanson, the owner of Gulf Coast Pool and Spa had wanted to do something for the family when Dustin came home 8 years ago.  Fate would give him the chance again.

Bill Hanson, Gulf Coast Pool & Spa Owner;  I said, Cheryl, I said, this pool that we're going to do, is something we're going to do at no charge to you or Dustin.

Cheryl Tuller, I just can't explain the feeling I had and I had to get myself together and we came back inside and we told Dustin.

It didn't take long for word to spread around a close knit community.  Sam Hilley stepped in figuring  a solar system would allow Dustin to swim year round.
Sam Hilley, Compass Solar Energy;  We know the sacrifices that our service men and women make for us and we're happy to do it.

Just that simple?
Umm hum.
These local companies reached across the country getting their corporate offices involved One call secured the safety fence.

Joel Cohen, All-Safe Pool Safety Barriers;  When we learned about the mission that was involved in it, there was never any hesitation.  The parent company, Sunwest Industries out in Orange California, donated substantially all the materials and we supplemented it here locally.

His comrades stepped up to the mission as well.  They thought a hot tub would be therapeutic so they called on friends to get the job done.

Don Salter, Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Foundation;  I've often said that a community or a country who forgets its veterans, they will often be forgotten themselves.  So, anytime we get a change to help our veterans, we do so.

As the backyard transformed, Dustin was humbled.
Dustin;  It's just breathtaking.
And they kept coming. JRC Concrete installed a fountain.  Woerner Landscape, Summit Landscape, Pinelands Nursery and Water Works did a yard makeover.  Pinch a Penny brought in a patio set and a green egg.  Red Barn Bar-B-Q supplied food for all the workers.  And speaking of workers; many donated their time.

Gary Jensen & _____________, Gulf Coast Pool & Spa;  Actually, it made us feel better than anything to be doing it.

Most definitely.
To work on it, while we were working on it.  Just couldn't be anything better to do.

Cheryl;  Because you're hearing from so many new ones getting injure that are coming back that you would think they would forget the very first ones being injured, but they're not.

Dustin;  I'm looking at, Did I achieve enough during that eight years to be able to receive something else.  Have I accomplished enough?  Did I motivate enough your or disabled veterans that have come back.

A grateful community that has not forgotten, says "Thank You" Dustin for your service and your sacrifice.
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
Angels in our Midst (Gulf Coast Pool & Spa)

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