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Angels in our Midst (Ha Tran)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
With the help of one person, giving one hour a week, a Pace teenager is living her dream.
Now, she's on a mission to help almost 2,000 more young people reach for the stars as well.

Ha Tran, Leaders4Life Fellow;  "Big name schools were 60, 70,000 dollars a year for tuition so we never really thought that we could go there but we always knew that college was a top priority."

In 9 grade, Ha Tran was accepted into the Take Stock in Children Program which guaranteed a scholarship that would allow her to go to a small school and paired her with a mentor.  Kace Browning didn't allow for thinking small.

Ha;  "She was always like, Go big, go big.  It was very encouraging to know that someone always had your back."

Kace;  "The classes, really staying on top of what she needed to really get to that college level.  I really just helped her facilitate that; she did most of the work herself."

Through her four years at Pace High School, Kace Browning kept on pushing and encouraging.  And Ha kept going all the way to being named a Take Stock Leader4 Life  and an extra 41,000 dollar scholarship.  As for that small college she would attend.

Ha;  "Duke University  I'm studying neuroscience and global health."
In her Freshman year, she traveled abroad and help set up a medical clinic in Panama.  There she decided on her career as an Ophthalmologist.

Ha;  "80 % of visual impairments is actually preventable or treatable.  The only problem is people just don't have access to it."

A dream launched by one person, giving one hour a week.
Kace Browning, Take Stock Mentor;  "I think that's really our job as their mentors is to just push them a little bit and help them meet that potential."
"It's one of those rewarding places that you find yourself."
Her own path well charted now, Ha is trying to give others that same chance.  She's helping the state recruit 1800 more mentors.  The money is there for scholarships, they just need the volunteers.

Ha;  "Because I went through it.  I went through the whole process and I know what it's like to have a mentor."

"I just think I'm doing what's right.  You know, it's just justified that I help other people."

Kace;  "It's not a hard job, there's no high expectation of you.  It's just about helping her pursue her dreams. 
It will change you just as much as it changes them."
Ha's appeal is simple.

Ha;  "It's an hour a week and you can change a life."
 Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

If you would like to be a mentor and change a student's life, visit the Take Stock in Children website at "take stock in children. org" and click on "Be a mentor"Angels in our Midst (Ha Tran)

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