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Angels in our Midst (Kathy Quinn)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
GULF COAST - After taking her students on a humanitarian trip to Belize, they decided they wanted to do something here at home.
More than a decade later, they're still coming to the Gulf Coast to build homes in partnership with god's people in need.

For 15 years, this Dean at Maryville University has been bringing students to Pensacola to build build habitat homes. 

Kathy Quinn, Brings students to build Habitat homes;  "They pay to come and it doesn't seem to be an issue for them.  They give up their spring break and pay to do it."

This year's group has completed their home and gone back to Missouri.  Kathy Quinn and one senior are still here, working on yet another home.

Kristen Dobberstein,  Maryville University Student;  "Once I came here my first year when I was a freshman in college,  the experience just made me feel like I just couldn't not come back."

There is a waiting list of students who want to come.  They do realize they're signing up for hard work, 8 A.M. til 3 P.M. Monday through Thursday.  The students will be learning as well, mostly about themselves.

Kristen;  "I feel better about myself because I'm doing something that I normally wouldn't be able to do; like getting on a roof and shingling."

Seeing the changes in the students has been the motivation for Kathy.

You know that what you're doing is gonna be somebody's home and that means something to every student.  And that's what makes me want to come back.

Kristen;  "Every nail I hit is important."

Kristen;  "When I realize that I drove in 70 nails today, or however many, I know that I did my part in making this whole house happen."

Thursday night is reflection time.  They've seen the fruits of their labor and met the families who will benefit.

At the beginning, we're building a house.  And on Thursday afternoon, we see a home

Kristen;  "When we leave and we see the roof on and the windows in and the doors it makes we feel like I really can do something to help somebody else and the time I spent was really worth it."

The responsibility for students. The fund raising, the hard work; all well worth it to Kathy too.

My mom was one who always said to us growing up, when you make somebody else happy, you'll be twice as happy.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Kathy Quinn)

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