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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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ANGELS IN OUR MIDST: (Katie and Mariah)

Updated: Tuesday, February 18 2014, 07:41 PM CST
They are the outsider; the ones not readily accepted.
But, two young ladies rallied those students at Navarre High School and found strength in numbers.
They also found the will to do the good of the Angels in our Midst.
Voice of Katie Kowalski;  "I was bullied all through elementary school.
I walk different so kids would make fun of me for that.
One of our other members, John, he'd been bullied because he's wheelchair-bound."

Mariah Whitworth, HOPE Nation Vice-President;  "Just watching all of that, it's awful.
Just because maybe somebody's confined to a wheelchair or maybe somebody walks a bit differently, that doesn't matter."

Katie Kowalski and Mariah Whitworth decided there should be a place at Navarre High School for those students who are teased and shunned; who others say are "Different."  so, they started that place.

Katie;  "HOPE Nation stands for Helping Out People Everywhere."
Mariah;  "You don't have to feel like you're different; whatever that may be.  You can feel safe with us."

Katie;  "So we learned to stay together and stand up against our bullies and just give ourselves, give each other somewhere nice to be."

Desi Lee, HOPE Nation Sponsor;  "Great students; very loving, caring.  It doesn't surprise me, it did not surprise me at all that they would be involved in something like this."
They started their club, HOPE Nation.  They designed a Facebook page filled with inspiration and uplifting messages. But, that involvement would soon include looking beyond themselves and their own circumstances.  After all, who could better relate to people facing challenges.

Katie;  "Having all of us come together to discuss how our days were going, wasn't enough.  We decided that we wanted to see what else we could do."

For the homeless, they collected food and blankets.  For the abused, they're collecting items on a wish list for a domestic violence shelter.

Right now, we have about what, like 10 dresses.
I brought in eight this morning.

Katie;  "Right now, we're also doing a prom dress drive for the girls who can't afford a brand new dress cause, let's get real, those things are expensive."

They see so many needs in the community and they're reaching out as far as they can.
Mary Barrios, HOPE Nation Sponsor;  "Their willingness, their desire to be involved in the community and also to do good things for those who are less able to do for themselves."

Mariah; "You know, I just try to tell them, everything counts.  Whatever we can collect, it will make a difference to somebody."

From their "Safe" Place, these "Different" students are making a difference.
Katie;  "I hope that HOPE Nation will stay strong."
Desi Lee, HOPE Nation Sponsor;  "It says that there is hope for this generation."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by the Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.

ANGELS IN OUR MIDST: (Katie and Mariah)

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