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Angels In Our Midst (Laura Coats)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Voice of Laura Coats; "I remember James Straub was the best 8th grade English teacher. I remember lots of learning."

Laura Coats hasn't walked the hallways of Warrington Middle School since the early 1980's. She was a student here then. Since that time, she's pretty much just driven through the area.

Laura Coats; "Seeing the deterioration of the community was really sad to me. I just felt sad and I didn't really know what I could do so far as helping out."

Until Superintendent Malcolm Thomas sent an email looking for teachers willing to come and turn around Warrington Middle, now labeled a failing school.

Laura; "As soon as I read it, I emailed him back. I didn't know if he'd even read my email but I emailed him back and said, 'I'm on board.'"

So, Laura left the comfort of Pine Forest High School where she'd taught for four years, to take on the biggest challenge of her career so far. She's moving to a new school teaching a new subject to a new grade level.

Laura Coats, Warrington Middle History Teacher; "I'm really ready to actually start working with the students. I want my kids to come to school just pumped to learn. I know you're going to do wonderful things this year."

Principal Sandra Rush says Laura is joining a team of teachers who have volunteered to put themselves under a microscope and to make an extraordinary commitment of time and energy.

Sandra Rush, Warrington Middle Principal; "I know she's not going to just give me 100 percent, she's going to give me 200 percent. And that's the most exciting thing because when she gives 200 percent, the people that benefit from that are our students.

Laura; "I want them to be proud of coming here. I want them to tell their friends how great it is. I know that there are so many people that live in this community that send their kids to other schools, and we want those kids back."

Laura intends to give them a reason to come back and not just back to the way it was 26 years ago.

Laura; "Even better. I'd like to see it even better." Angels In Our Midst (Laura Coats)

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