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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Legacy Gifts)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
It's been a long-standing tradition that the graduating classes of the Navy Recruiter School at NAS Pensacola, left a legacy gift to the school.
When the new Senior Chief arrived, he started teaching lessons on "Legacy" that he learned from his father.

SCPO Johnson;  I would say, easily, about 15 to 20 thousand dollars of things that each class over the years has kind of left behind as legacy gifts.

18 months ago, Senior Chief Aaron Johnson arrived with a new definition of Legacy.

SCPO Johnson;  We donated a thousand dollars to two separate girls teams that are down at the Fricker Center.

Uniforms for girls' basketball teams.
SCPO Aaron Johnson, Navy Recruiting School Instructor;  Combined 300 hours, community service hours to Habitat for Humanity helping build some houses there for five weeks.

Homes for the working poor.
SCPO Johnson;  $450 for the Red Cross, the Red Cross another $500, Ronald McDonald House, Warrington Middle School, Warrington Elementary, Bellview Middle School; and as far as you can see.

Wherever he heard there was a need, Senior Chief passed it on to his students and they took up the charge.

CPO Vantisco Valdovinos, Navy Recruiting Student;  When Senior Chief starts speaking about the legacy and the mark we can leave even though it's for only a short period of time that we're here, it's a very good impression.
SCPO Johnson,  This is probably the one that stands out the most.  When they had the tornado hit Tuscaloosa, it also hit a community called Pleasant Grove, Alabama.    

With the help of a contractor the class recruited, they donated more than $11,000 to the Pleasant Grove Community.

SCPO Johnson;  These aren't our communities, we don't live in these communities; a lot of them, we don't have kids that go to these schools.  But, it is part of what we have started doing; changing what a legacy gift means.

There are also the individual stories.  During a high school visit, chief noticed a troubled student and learned her mother had just lost her job.

SCPO Johnson;  We bought her class ring, her senior picture and her cap and gown.  This is a young lady we had never met before.  I just saw her in the office crying, I figured she needed help and we were there to help her.  

This latest class just completed their assignment and are ready to hand over a check too.

We had an opportunity to go out there in the community and we worked with the Immanuel Lutheran Church to feed the homeless breakfast.

CPO Scott Placek, Navy Recruiting Student; The town is what actually supports today's Navy.  So, with going out there and doing the project out there, we're giving a little bit back.

Senior Chief Johnson hopes the lessons in legacy giving will follow the students in all their travels.  It's a lesson he learned at home and is teaching it there too.

SCPO Johnson;  I want my two boys to remember that my father always did for others before he did for himself and that's one thing that I can remember from my father.

 Angels in our Midst is Brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angels in our Midst (Legacy Gifts)

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