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Angels in our Midst (Lieutenant JG Darryl Abrams)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
MILTON - The Centennial of Naval Aviation also reminds us of the many years naval aviators have volunteered their services in the community.
One current pilot was asked to share one skill with one Milton High School student.
He ended up sharing a multitude of talents and helping an entire student body soar as high as they can. 

LTJG Darryl Abrams;  "I looked at the volunteer sheet and it specifically asked for someone who spoke Tagalog, and I said, well, I looked around at my other peers and said, I may be the only one."

Angelo Arempojo, Milton High Sophomore;  "Most of the times when I'm having problems with English, like hard English, like so deep, when Derrick came, it was easier."

That need brought Lieutenant JG Darryl Abrams to Milton High School, but this engineering graduate, and pilot trainee had a wealth of knowledge that would keep him coming five days a week.  

Desmond Henderson, Milton High Senior;  "He's a fine man.  He helps me in many things; math, science."

At 24, Abrams is close to the students' age and he also speaks their language.

Carol Spice, Milton High Math Teacher;  "We were working on substituting equations and he used a language arts example of substituting joyful for happy."

He says it's just a matter of finding every possible tool to add to every student's toolbox.  

LTJG Abrams;  "Seeing the lightbulb click; the ah ha moment. It took maybe five different instructors sometime to show me how to do the proper emergency landing.  And each of them would give a different prospective.  And finally, one of them would give a prospective that with me, would go. ah ha, I get it."

After math and science, the Lieutenant still had more hours in his day.

Chris Hendrix, School Liaison to Whiting Field;  "They needed help with their wrestling program so he volunteered to be a wrestling coach.
He noticed in the flight academy that they were missing some pieces of equipment that didn't come with the program so he went out and bought them with his own money."

Darryl is also writing the entire curriculum for the flight academy program.  Along with buying the pricey rudders, he's set up a scholarship to pay for flight lessons for some of the students. 

This Naval aviator has changed grades and a lot of lives.

Angelo;  "It's like angel from sky."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Lieutenant JG Darryl Abrams)

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