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Angels in our Midst (Linda Warrick)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
Linda Warrick, Diamond View Neighborhood Watch Organizer;  December, 2008, we were getting broke into right in the middle of broad daylight, people home.  And I just said that, This is our neighborhood.  We moved in these houses brand new.  We're taking it back.

When the neighborhood and the very home she'd grown up in were threatened, Linda Warrick decided, not without a fight. She knew she would need an army to do battle so she started recruiting.

Ron Bennett, Diamond View Neighborhood Resident;  "We've had like, eight break-ins and three attempted. It was horrendous."

They had common fears and concerns and there was another sad similarity.

Linda;  "We lived on streets just over on the other side of the fence from each other for years; never knew each other, you know."

Linda went door to door meeting all of those neighbors or leaving notices asking them to come and help reclaim their neighborhood.  They did come ... And they started the diamond view neighborhood watch program.

Marge Shimmin, Neighborhood Watch Member; "It's something that in the 30-some years that I've lived here, hasn't happened.  And in the last four years, thanks to Linda's leadership, there's a dramatic change."

Ron Bennett; Diamond View Neighborhood Watch Member; "She just kinda took the proverbial bull by the horns and turned this whole neighborhood around."

Linda; "We got with the sheriff's office, we started having meetings. It was a matter of voting on things, discussing things. Different opinions, different ideas; everybody pieced it together and made what we have."

With the help of her husband and son, Linda has kept the watch going. The hours and vigilance are paying off in many ways that even the children notice.

Marge; "People will drive past your house and say, oh, the gate's been left open and will call you and tell you. And it's the general caring that's brought us together and makes us feel like a real community."

Wesley Warrick, Patrols Neighborhood with his mom; "Ever since that, it's been real quiet, better. Bad guys out, good guys in."

They've taken their neighborhood back and Warrick has given her friends a sense of peace and something more.

Linda; "It's not only a sense of fighting crime, it's, hey, look, you're my neighbor, you're my friend and I need you.  We're there for each other."


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